Yo-Na Commune [US|PST|CASUAL] welcomes your interest

  • Relevant link: https://fracturedmmo.com/guild-profile/id/4376/

    The Yo-Na Commune is a loose association of beastfolk seeking a peaceful mercantile and/or farming experience. Depending upon interest over time, we may grow into a town but our focus is more on shared progress within a larger community than a competitive or exclusionary one.

    Husband/Wife founders intend to develop a democratic community within which direction and authority are shared in parity with those who provide the organization and infrastructure to make "fun" for others.

    Further direction to be defined as membership and time yields interest. Questions welcome.

  • Obligatory lore(ish) introduction:

    Shall I tell you a story I once heard as a cub? A tale of how we came to be?

    In a place neither near nor far, and a time neither now nor then, it is said that Elysium and Nelene danced. When the dance was complete, imponderable time had passed and many things that once were not had come into being.

    To commemorate the collaboration, Elysium made for Nelene a ring of memories and set it in the void to sparkle and delight. The jewel of this ring, Arboreus, is the dream of Elysium's dance with Nelene manifest. As with any garden, both flora and fauna dance in a rhythm of being and becoming that is ancient, that is current, that is ever-new, ever lush, ever waning, infinite.

    Here, in our shared garden of memory and delights, are we; the people of the land, the hand, and the band – a lattice of interdependence and inclusion – we thrive and survive due to the love of Elysium as tempered by Nelene, a spangle of diamonds, our restless ring, cascading through the void.

    Our people are the children of Elysium, chosen of Nelene. We call ourselves “Nheedra”, and while we are a people of tooth and claw, no less given to anger than any other, we bind our will and our weapons instead in service to the greater balance, to our winsome, graceful, eternal mother, and to those with whom we share this experience.

    There is comfort, peace, and prosperity for those who make of their lives a stewardship; our temples are few and far from proud, but within them any who require rest, respite, and relief are welcome.

    May your path be smooth under your feet
    May your head rest upon softness
    May your hand find all things at need
    May the fellowship of the Nheedra be to you
    A light on desperate and deep nights,
    made greater by your presence.

    And when this be not so, remember in good faith our name and be welcome.

    Ekajata, Ursa-Madre
    Yo-na Commune

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