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  • TF#5 - LEGATE

    I started following Fractured quite recently, his proposals surprised me. The potential it wants to offer are surprising, including the desire to "remove the grind", at least in the form in which it is a plague in today's MMOs, but not only. The existence of the "farm" in the right amount is very right indeed it is necessary for it to exist but nowadays it has got out of hand. This is one of the things that Fractured wants to change / improve (and it's something that I really like since I hate it when there is too much grinding).
    Among its various mechanics, I have noticed something that is not often seen, at least so far I have seen it a few times, the possibility of inserting role play practically in a "natural" way.
    Differences between breeds, between areas etc. allows players to choose the place where they feel most comfortable, but not only can they evolve their character.
    At this point I came up with an idea: "Guilds usually, especially those from different languages ​​interact little ... and if you instead add role play to the recipe ...".
    Eureka !! (I know it's exaggerated) Create an international guild, in which the various communities of people who speak the same language re-present a clan, a sub-guild. All this offers an even wider possibility to role play. Political instability, internal wars, cooperation and coexistence etc. All this is possible.
    The project is still in its infancy, I will develop it for the best but it is tough on my own. If you have ideas, proposals or questions, write.

  • sounds like a great idea 😄 i think the nature of the game will lend itsself to that in a natural way where there is a tangible role to play such as elected leader of a settlement or prepping for expeditions/invasions of human world i think the game is trying to put you there as much as possible in the shoes of your character

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