Spare processing time? - Protein modelling studies to aid COVID-19 drug discovery


    Hi everyone,

    This is technically Off-Topic, but on the other hand, really pretty On-Topic right now.
    I'm guessing some of our number have some very powerful machines, and also need to sleep from time to time - if so, maybe consider installing Rosetta@Home from Uni of Washington.
    Similar to the SETI screensaver from years ago, it uses background processing and downtime to help crunch calculations. This time it's to compute the possible 3D configurations of proteins involved in COVID-19 and thus help design drugs which may bind to them/block them.
    Windows, Android devices, and I think Linux, supported.
    Here is the site to join:
    or just install BOINC and then select the Rosetta project.
    Thanks in advance, lovely gamers!


    great to know there's a few different places to leverage our combined computing power! Here's another - some folks' set ups might work better with one or the other...

    Solidarity amidst the chaos will bring us out the other end! 🖖

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