• Just a question about cooldown - during enchanting of items there´s also possibility to lower your global cooldown. Most if not all the the other enchantable stats aby also provided by attributes (melee dmg with STR, mana regen with INT etc.), cooldown is not.

    Cooldown is pretty important and very powerfull stat, so will it be only accesible via enchants on items / through talents / abilitis, or will it appear on some attribute as well (as at least CON is going to be changed)?

    Edit: Cooldown could appear on Talents as well...if it´s not there allready.
    Just a question: are cooldowns always active no matter on weapon switch (ex.: nuker mage has staff with offensive enchants, casts offensive spells and has 1 defensive ability - block, he sees enemy melee, switches to shield and 1h, blocks initial attack from stealth, CCs enemy with non invocation/conjuration spell, blinks to safety distance, switches back to staff, continues nuking).

    Will Shield block cooldown stop if not wielding shield or not?

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