[Alpha2.1.1c] Einhar's Lazy Bug Report #4

  • The short report about few abilities bugs

    1. Totem of WildFire bugs:

    • a. incorrect description https://prnt.sc/q5nf7a

    • b. the summoned totem is recognized as an foe, also i can attack it.https://prnt.sc/q5nm7v

    • c. when totem is summoned i can make a relogin and summon another totem(after relogin CD is reseted) https://prnt.sc/q5nni7

    • d. mobs don't care about totem even if totem shots them

    • e. mobs killed by my totem dosn't counted in the progress of the "Book of knowledge" and this is sad because i use it to kill many of damned wisps ๐Ÿ˜ž

    2. "Enrage skill" negative bonuses nerfs positive bonus to evasion from "Inspire"

    3. Protection from Fire

    • Ingame description says that this skill also should add the bonuses to armor and increase magic resistance, but it is only add a fire immunity

  • =====Update=====

    4. Relocate ability Griffering

    • As we see from description this ability can teleport us on a short distance. A very userfull thing and timesaver(we can teleport to the top of hill yey). But we also can do a teleport inside and outside of any house, its also mean that we can took any cart in our hands and block a way to inside of house.

    PS: dude which live in StarLeaf Dale I brought your cart back, donโ€™t worry! I took it only for screenshot ahahaha ๐Ÿ™‚

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