[Alpha2.1.1c] Einhar's Bug Report #3

  • 1.Character Bow-shooting problem 1

    2.Character Bow-shooting problem 2

    3. Net_Trap Ability problems:

    4. Poisoning_Strike incorrect poison effect replacing priority

    • the problem with the "Simple poison" , this poison has a stronger effect than "Weak poison" but i can't replace "Weak poison" effect with "Simple poison", . Also a "Weak poison" replacing effect of "Simple poison". "Strong poison" work well
      Simple poison <Weak poison < Strong poison
      Video: https://drive.google.com/open?id=1aMqmm0LXzLOKy6a8Bg6_VkNYcG5vIzIt

    5.Totem of wildfire ability can be "discovered" as a monster

    • After i destrode it i get notification like "You are just discovered the totem of wild fire" and no information in book of knowledge. Anyway, it's strange because a totem is a skill.

    6.Totem of wildfire affect to poison

    • yep it affecting to any poison from poisoning strike

    7.Blinding strike dosn't applied silince effect on Goblin Shaman

    8. Armor's Evasion reducing parameter dosn't work

    • Hits from wolf to my character in different armor:
      50 hits 7 Dodges "Leather Armor" 270 Evasion
      50 hits 6 Dodges "Without Armor" 270 Evasion
      50 hits 6 Dodges "Hide Armor and Bear helm" 130 Evasion
      bows, spears, daggers and a lot of mobs have pierce DMG, hide armor give us 155 pierce armor, but Leather Armor give us only 37 pierce armor in summ(16hrs of waiting CARL), and its totally dos't worth it to use.

    9. Strange work of evasion mechanics:

    • Example 1:
      My character have 270 evasion and a wolf have 240 accuracy
      (I divide 50 hits wich my character get on 5 stages to show):
      1 dodges for 10 hits
      0 dodges for 10 hits
      2 dodges for 10 hits (2 dodges one by one)
      0 dodges for 10 hits
      3 dodges for 10 hits (2 dodges through one at the beginning Of "10" and 1 in the end of "10")

    • Example 2:
      I have 370 accuracy with the Stag helmet but Wolfs or Golin Trappers with its 370 and 375 evasion still dodges my hits
      the average value is 5-10 dodges for each mob. How the heck is it even work?
      Just think about TTK pls, its too much despite the fact that we never miss with bow.

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