[Alpha2.1.1c] Einhar's Bug Report #2

  • 1. Easy resource Duple

    2.Mage_Armor(MA) Skill dos't work

    • it was increase my real armor parameters but the damage is the same. i'v got 20 hits from Wolf with MA and 20 hits without MA
      Result: average value of DMG for each hit is 80 with MA and 77 without MA
      Normal armor protect us, but MA not.

    3.Bleeding ability, armor dosn't reduce the DMG from it

    * bleeding it's a phisical DMG over time but we dont have any resists or atributes to protect character from it.

    4. World of Power: Heal did't work
    * I just create a new character in 2.1.1c and his alility of Heling dosn't work. I mean nothing happen after a moment when i click on it or used hotkey.
    Reloging and reenter in game dosn't help.

    5. Warcry ability working on target even if it chance to resist was lucky
    list itemI use my Warcry ability and one wolf proc resist, but... it also get slow effect.
    Ok it was By disign

    6.Сart theft

    • Anyone can stole your cart with all resources in it because when u get a cart in your hands it's magically becomes your property. Yey.

    7. Character die when his Life convert to Endurance

    • The situation: my character have 60%+ tiredness, 60%+ of Hunger and a lot of Endurance, if My character getting hit then endurance would be reduced and my Life start to convert itself in to Endurance due to the Endurance Regeneration. When our Life drop <1 our character die. The fact that we are dying due to our own regeneration souns very weird.

    8.Characters with the same names

    • i can create characters with the same names, for devs its ok(they look on ID) but for users its a problem to recognize characters in chat.

  • =======UPD=======
    9. Death Mark Ability decrease outpoot damage, not icrease it.

    • by the half of our weapon DMG

    video: https://drive.google.com/open?id=1O_4jbiTgwv1W9LwUyv1ezztHtVQUUz0p

  • =======UPD=======
    10. Assassinate's Ability missing CD timer
    If i swap weapon (for example Spear to Axe) and quickly make a doble tap on hotkey button to activate Assassinate, than a "CD timer" doesn't appear.
    Conditionally the ability works and provide DMG but I do not see the CD timer.

    Video: https://drive.google.com/open?id=1kk3VuuxXXp7rCOF0C1MlM_hG9HrCTDDq

  • =======UPD=======
    11. UI_Icon of Simple Bandages dissapear aftrer ill try move it in to the action bar

    • If i try to move full stack of simple bandages(x100) to active bar, and its a ONLY stack of bandages in my inventory, than the icon of stack will dissaper.Also the numeric value of Herbal Remedy is dissapearing too(if you have).
      Screen: https://prnt.sc/q4kn60

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