Health/ Mana/ Character Issue


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    All bars are showing 0. Also character is not showing armor correct. Also if i try to place any weapon in slot other than first slot, it goes back in inventory.

    This happened after dropping poison on top of slotted weapon.

  • This happened to me as well, i went out and got attacked when i fell it reset my stats. As far as the poison bug that has happened to me and broke a couple of characters.
    It does not seem to do it if i drop 1 applications at a time on the weapons.


    Getting myself killed fixed the bars. Still have character, attributes and weapon slot issues.

    Crafting is messed up too. Will start to craft and won't finish even after bar has completed. No new item crafted, resources are used though.

  • Yeah it is a bit frustrating, but that is a Alpha for you, bugs and all. I just re made the toon and started over

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