[Bug+Theories] "Weird Move bug" - Moving while (not) rooted/snared

  • Sometimes, when you get rooted by the net of a Giant Spider or by the Goblin Trapper, I can move freely around but... I'm "moonwalking". Always moving in the direction where I am rooted.
    Example of the bug: (link)

    I have a theory of why it does this. I am not sure but I think it is because of the evasion rate (and maybe because I have a fox tail amulet). This, only because the description of the spell Entanglig web says "The victim is snared unless it performs a successful Evasion save throw. And I think it's that Evasion save throw that is not working well.

    Somehow this second clip makes me think there's another weird bug while moving.

    My second theory is that your bugging "freezes" when using a Bandage or a Herbal remedy. But with spiders, it sometimes bugs even without using them.

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