EU/UK Ravenpoint Guild

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    On a cold night, many winters ago, the reign of Gustaf Stundar came to an end, and with it so did the kingdom of Raven. The late king had not succeeded in fathering an heir and his death brought upon the people of Raven civil war among the strongest clans of the realm. The war raged on for time untold, enough blood was shed to paint the ocean red, families were torn apart. The common folk, tired of the senseless slaughter and endless destruction sought refuge in a foreign land, whereupon they established the Empire of Ravenpoint.

    We Seek!
    PVE & PVP Brothers & Sisters, friendly minded who seek to build up a well structured Guild.

    This Guild will not be run by a single person but by a council, each council member represents a particular group in Ravenpoint. So each player has a voice in all the important matters. So no matter if you are a innkeeper, a farmer, miner, adventurer, soldier or any of the many other possible roles you are involved and valued as much.

    Besides playing a variety of games together in a casual setting this Guild will mainly focus on the games 'Seconds before Silence' - Chronicles of Elyria - Defend the Nights - Fractured



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