Odd Job Mercenarys [Odd]

  • Hi there,
    I invested to be able to play in Beta Phase 2, I probably wont check every day, but I'll try :), but this shouldn't be any problem since this is part of how this Guild is supposed to be, so let's get straight to the Point:
    What or Who are the Odd Job Mercenarys and how I, the humble leader of this "freelancer" Guild, am imagining/expect things and want to play them out. The Name's the Game, that's for sure, I want to start a group for hire, which is willing to do anything (no jokes pls) for a little payment, fetch Resources, assist construction, join for harvests, detectiv work (if towns will play out as I imagine and "Guards" won't see everything thats gonna happen) ,protect convoys, deliver game (the digital living sort), maybe(just maybe) even assist in Raids and or prevent them, as I want to hold this Guild as free and neutral as possible. I mentioned that I'm the leader, but in fact, I don't expect a real need for any authoritys, I rather distribute "higher ranks" to help keep the Guild in check and "healthy", rather than realy order anyone around. As mentioned, I hope for the Guild to stay as neutral as possible, in order to help anyone, which should be possible on the Human Worlds, but we'll see. I imagined a Small area, sorta farm/camp/tavern like, as a "base" for the Guild, but that's open for Discussion aswell. Guild Members are to expected to assist other Members in any way possible or asked, for we are a helping hand, but still have to protect our fingers first. Anyway I gladly welcome new faces in this little familly/community and I'll try to stay up to date. Thank you for taking your time reading this (allthough your eyes might hurt over spelling-issues).


    Can I join?

  • Sure, everyone is welcome!
    Just be friendly and respect each other!

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