Anyone into Ashes of Creation?

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    I am in the USA. I thought about attempting to get a refund, sadly its past the time to get a refund from my bank and I doubt they are going to refund me from intrepid... I need to make a lot of noise to get into that category and I am just not that type. If they offer refunds I will though, there is no doubt about it.


    Downloaded the BR mode, played one match, uninstalled, never read anything about AoC again.
    Just hoping for Fractured to keep, at least, most of its promises, mainly not going P2W.

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    @Mazikar said in Anyone into Ashes of Creation?:

    ... well... I was at $920 in commissions just before they launched the new web site and now... well now they say none of my referrals bought anything, even though I have a couple friends that bought several packages after the kickstarter. Now I sit at $0. I also went from having 120+ referrals to 21.

    They are doing fixes for the missing referrals and rest of the bugs on their new site but it has taken longer than expected. Also their official forums aren't back on yet 😅 As with all these projects the most we can do is just wait. When something goes south badly it takes time to find resources for fixing stuff especially now that they are preparing for gameplay testing.

    I backed AoC too and don't really care about the Battle Royale thing but if they feel that they can test combat with that then I'm fine with it. I just want to see the proper alphas for the mmorpg to start as planned 😄

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    I would really pretty much to prefer to get the money back now so I can decide whether the game is worth anything after they finish whatever they are now creating - as it definitely looks like the MMO became a secondary goal for them and they burned themselves pretty hard by that decision - and are probably trying to get back on track... but how can you even trust them that they do not change the focus once again once there is some new trend? At least it won't be MOBA as the times when everyone wanted to create a MOBA game are long gone ✌

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    @Rofus Going south is one thing... their recent and ongoing PR disaster is more like a excursion to the South Pole. I get it on some level, crap happens. They were ill prepared, ill advised and still tossed the D20's rolling double 1's. Then they took vacation like we wouldn't notice. They hired some people to take on the jobs they ultimately failed at. Can they fix what they have broken? Technically yes, and I hope they do. Sadly the MMO market is fickle, people even get a hint of trouble and they run and it is doubtful they will ever turn back. Crowd funding has run its course, and the wreckage of the hopes and dreams burn with the flames of scams and horrible mismanagement with extensive pillars of smoke made from massive delays. People almost expect AoC to fail now.

    Fractured is a different beast. They never claimed they were reinventing the wheel. I hope that Fractured will cure me of my Diablo addiction, it is embarrassing. 😃


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