Debauchery Tea Party (Demon)


    Good day friends,

    With the goal of creating a group of players who are kind, passionate and intelligent I would like to introduce Debauchery Tea Party:

    A casual-core guild with freedom of expression.

    Here at DTP, we encourage the uniqueness of our members. Excluding blatant disrespect, we hope civil discourse and intelligent discussion of game mechanics and strategy are the norm in chat.

    The relaxed culture of DTP will lend itself to housing a mature group of players. We're opting to be the home of people passionate about gaming and sharing discoveries with each other to elevate the name of DTP in the community.

    DTP anticipates having a group of players with various skill sets that contribute different specialties to the guild in a manner that creates an educational and productive environment.

    If this prospect interests you, please send us a message.

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