Remorse, Butcher of the Caged Mind


    Those who have allowed themselves to stray from the path of light are guided by the pain of Remorse. To find redemption for our crimes would be a miracle, and men such as we are oft passed over by the gods kindness in favor of the just and innocent in nature.

    Our quest of redemption is a singular goal which none of us may ever truly reach, but still, we strive to purge wickedness and evil from the lands around us. Each victory over evil being a silent prayer, begging our god to forgive our mistakes in life.

    Thieves, Cutthroats, Murderers, Liars, Scum of the earth, Remorse welcomes you to stand alongside our banner. The truly important decision is, will you allow Remorse to stand alongside you?

    This guild was founded to allow members who like to delve a little more into their character than most a place to group up. All people are welcome as long as your goal is to oppose "Evil" wherever you may find it. We're going to be focused heavily on Lore-friendly builds for PVP, favoring fun builds over niche metas. If you're looking to be the most insanely optimized powerful demi-god in all of existence who has the biggest numbers ever you might not enjoy your time here with us as we do not have the same goal.

    However, if you are a slightly more dedicated than average gamer who is looking to put 8 or more hours into the game every week we'd be more than glad to have you join up!

    We're basically all about being a bit more competitive than the average player without focusing on it so much that it becomes more important than just enjoying your time in the game.

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