UTD Hometown: "Argos"


    Good evening,

    My name is mjr121, and I lead the United Terran Dominion Guild. With the release of information on town building, planning and the sort, I've decided to lay the foundations for our home city. Which will be christened "Argos". The city itself will hopefully, become a hub of commerce, trade, information gathering and sharing among both the guild members and other players.

    The city will be split up into three parts based on what the buildings will be used for, centered on the Town Hall. These "City Sections" are as follows:

    1. Civil Structures: These would be housing, governmental buildings and one or two warehouse dedicated to having tier 1 construction materials (wood, stone etc) for building repair and maintenance.

    2. Assembly/Refining: These would be where crafters and smiths would live/work, as well as bigger warehouses for storing items, both unrefined and refined. As well as a horse/buggy center for leaving horses and carts for loading/unloading purposes.

    3. Military: The buildings here would focus primarily on city defense (Barracks, training yard etc), as well as storehouses with common weaponry and armor. The stables here would be for mounted combat oriented players. City walls would also start here, and connect directly to the Barracks.

    Now, because I do run a guild, the city will be Guild run but non-citizens are welcome to visit, trade, teach, and trade information within the walls of the city. Becoming a citizen is still being worked on, but it will be an option. Membership in the Guild is currently the only way to be a citizen.

    Keep in mind, I've taken a few liberties with city planning, as I have yet to see anything in regards to how horses and carts are going to be handled when your done with them. If your interested in taking part in the development of the town, please join the guild and our discord. Doing so will let us continue our advances in theory-crafting, and planning as more people join.

    Thank you,
    Guild Leader,
    United Terran Dominion

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