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    Hey everyone, Baron here!

    I’ve just been watching videos on newly released videos at the e3 conference just past and some critical reviews of EA etc and something just popped into my head, the old dogs (e.g. ea, bioware, Microsoft, etc.) are dying. Big companies are actually loosing reputation and becoming greedy with pumping out unfinished games way before they should. This leaves me with hopes and concerns for what and when fractured will be as it’s released.

    1. I’m happy that we have Dynamight Studios, an independent studio dedicated to serious community outreach. To see you guys heavily invested in making it as expansive and receptive as possible for us without heavy emphasis on the need to sell really gives me hope that the end product will be welcomed by a lot of people.

    2. I’m happy with the micro-transactions and reward systems of the Kickstarter pledge packs. The reason for this is that it focuses on vanity items and titles etc which don’t give an edge to competitively get ahead of others by buying your way, but rather, providing an incentive to invest more than just money but also our ideas and creativeness into the game itself, such as the larger packs allowing people to communicate directly with the team and input on lore etc. while I would love nothing more than to have those benefits of that delicious looking £10000 pledge pack, I know and see that it isn’t necessary or even overly compelling. It really fits the description of a ‘reward’ rather than a prize.

    3. The community and environment we have here on the foundation is secure and we are able to work together to keep it mature and respectable.

    Overall I’m patient to see the full release of this game and I just want to encourage the team at Dynamight Studios to keep pushing hard, because we love the vision that you are taking action to make reality for not just yourselves, but for us all. Thank you ❤

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    @baron welcome, hoping this will be my mmorpg to play for years to come 😁

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