An exciting time for MMO development.


    I have been a Skyrim fanatic since the very beginning and absolutely love all the elements that go into making these incredible games.
    With news of both Skyrim VI and Fractured coming in the near future I really can't decide which one I am anticipating more. I feel they both draw on the similar elements of fantasy lore, environment development (even the graphics in the teaser trailer were beautifully suited to the style which I believe Fractured is aiming for), in-depth character development and so on.
    It is definitely an exciting time for gaming, and game development in general but without a doubt I beyond impressed with the community engagement in the lead up to Fractureds release and I really believe it has the potential to gain the same following of fans as some of the bigger franchise games.

    As I wait in eager anticipation I may jump back into Oblivion to brush up on my adventuring so I am prepared to enter the world of Fractured!


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