Race ideas


    Disclaimer: i have no knowledge on in game lore or how races will be playable/How or why they will be playable.

    Now that we have that out of the way, i just want to know what're everyone's wants for races or playable characters in game? I hope we get some race similar to the Tauren or Goblin in Warcraft.


    I think that they're going to stick to the three main races that they already have, but I would love it if they added on more subspecies to the existing ones. Especially more of the demons.

    I also think it would kinda cool to not just have humans, but more of just a "human-esque" category? So like maybe include elves and dwarves into it as well.


    @kitsandkats I prefer either an orc and goblin of some sort in MMOs, I love that demons are playable. But I definitely think there should be more choices for, like you said “human-esque” races. I just feel like humans alone will be in trouble trying to deal with demons from hell and monstrous humanoid animals.


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