Any Aussies?


    Hi all,

    I'm from Australia and it would be nice to find a friendly community who tend to be active during similar hours to myself.

    I'm a casual gamer and don't play every day of the week, it will mainly be on the weekends, or the odd week night.
    I'f i'm seriously addicted then you can expect periods of me being glued to the PC outside of work and sleep... But that doesn't get the house cleaned or the animals fed, so I prefer to avoid that.... as much as possible...

    I tend to go for 'good' alignments in RP games, and I'm not a massive fan of constant PvP, but I have found that I enjoy it in some games.

  • TF#10 - CONSUL

    @valkarah We are international so It's really propbable that you will find always people online 😉 - Goog alignment restrinction. open for all PvErs, PvPers that want defend lands form evils, and People that want play safe.


    Yeah, I'm still reading up on things.

    I don't want to rush into anything straight away, as there's still so much for me to learn from what information is available.


    G'day. Aussie here. If you're looking for a guild with a population of mostly aussies then check out Glims Mercenaries. Got a couple of my mates in there as well.

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