+Skills from orbs needs to stack with gear imbues

  • Currently getting orbs is far to rare for your effective skill to be from orbs OR gear.
    I truly dont think the orb grind would feel as painful if I knew spending 150k on 3 orbs would free up one slot on my gear.

    Effectively now buying orbs is almost pointless until you are at full 10. Give players the ability to feel a tiny boost / increase to their chars every single level of orbs they are able to apply to their character, by allowing Gear stats + orbs to stack up to the max of +10.

    Such a bad feeling sitting at +2 from orbs .. not getting any while farming .. and not wanting to buy them because you literally get nothing until you max the school and can flip it off your gear.

    Such a small change but gives small progression as you search instead of feeling its an ignorant amt of time involvement with no gain grind 😞

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