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  • Just wanted to share some of my feedback on the official forums I have had shared this here and there on the Discord already.


    PVP: A fun activity that is not rewarded enough on Syndesia currently people would rather farm slightly less efficiently but completely safe.

    PVE: The leveling grind from 1 - 50 is the best part of the game. Having to go and explore the map, check out other towns and kill each type of mob was great.

    CRAFTING: It is what it is; largest issue with crafting is some types of gear are more difficult to craft without being better gear. Think anything that requires a metal bar vs any medium or light armor.

    ECON: Really weird place gold is both the most important and least important item in the game. No incentive to list anything on the markets.

    END-GAME: Orb system feels very unrewarding. With bad luck a player can spend multiple days farming and never get a single orb. While in the current state Orbs are not needed to complete any content outside of PvP. I am certain this will change with next patch.


    PVP: Further increase the rewards for being neutral flagged on Syndesia. One of the common "memes" is that the neutral buff only really makes the chance of a favor go from 8% to 10% which is not worth the risk for many. Quantity of gold that transfers through the Stargate per player needs to be capped and the global gold wallet contributions from Arboreus needs capped. Right now, it is too easy for people to free farm in Arboreus and bank all that gold globally. Farming in Arboreus should not impact Syndesia unless people transport the materials. Players should be required to transport materials for sale in Syndesia or Arboreus or to transport their gold across.

    PVE: The leveling grind from 1 - 50 is the best part of the game. I recommend adding an NPC organization called the Adventures guild. The Adventures guild will task players with a mission to kill a certain mob type. This can include Daily & Weekly activities. The current days and/or weeks objective is shared in every Adventure guild hall (a new building for cities) or by speaking with a representative. The objective is the same for all players for that day and/or week. The reward for this system could be an Orb, Orb Fragment (Think combine 5 fragments for an orb of choice), Gold and or regents. This system would incentivize players to return to different hotspots and interact with others. Particularly if more challenging and rewarding task from the guild required Neutral flagging.

    CRAFTING: No suggestions from me for crafting changes. It is just frustrating that any metal gear takes more effort than medium or light armor to craft without being proportionally stronger.

    ECON: Cities need to WANT a strong market. Currently there is no cost associated with listing items for sale in any town. I propose a market listing fee say 5% of the buyout price where 2.5% goes to the city owners and 2.5% gets eaten by the system. The fee would go to the city + system after item sells otherwise it is returned to the player. This system would incentivize towns to want to have strong markets where players list large amounts of items and other players come and purchase from them.

    END-GAME: Players need a way to target farm their power. The PvE suggestion for the Adventures guild allows players to have a direct farm towards Orbs where they know after X amount of effort they will get an Orb. The current random chance for Orbs which is coupled with a random chance to get the reward is rough. The Orb system itself is good but the layers of RNG are bad. Mobs already utilize certain types of skills mobs should also have a small % chance to drop an orb related to their used skills. Example: Earth Elemental could have a 0.1% chance to drop a Geomancy orb. Again, this allows players to go an interact with the PvE in a fun way outside of what is the highest Gold or Reward per hour. Orbs shouldn't be easy to get but Orbs should be something a player can expect to get eventually, and they should have some control over what orbs they are targeting.

    Thank you! 😄

  • Nice list

    I agree with orbs but don't know how I'd fix it. I can be discouraging to open dozens of divine rewards and not get an orb, only to get one but only have a 1/20 chance of it being the one you want.

    That said, there is an orb market but I want cryomancy and I'm not paying 30K for that so I'll just live without.

    Not sure if it needs a fix and I've no idea what would make it better.

  • @Wargfoot Right, I agree the Orb market does exist and the gold you get indirectly is progress towards Orbs. But if players are not able to get Orbs cause of bad luck, then no Orbs exist on the market. There are enough Orb types in the game that it is possible for certain Orbs to be very scarce. I would be interested to see the total # of orbs dropped so far and what the distribution is. If a player can target farm Orbs they can also target farm them to sell not for their power. If resto orbs are 50k an Orb and you go farm sea turtles or Greater Wisp for that chance so you can sell it. That is an okay type of content to me and makes farming gold even better. Appreciate the reply!

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