Orb Of Proficiency not working


    I have had issues when trying to use the Orbs of Proficiency when ranking up.
    All 3 times I wasn't wearing any proficiency enchants which don't stack.

    First issue:
    Trying to rank Venomancy from rank 1 to rank 2, the pop up said you need 1 orb, which I had in inventory. I hit accept and the orb disappeared and I didn't rank up. It happened a second time. I did report that to discord.

    Today (Orb of cryomancy)
    15.21 game time in Ravens Crest, I tried to rank from rank1 Cryomancy to rank 2, again the orb of cryomancy disappeared without moving up rank. I was mounted for this. I took screen shots and spoke to Maltos. I had an orb of restoration which per Maltos I tried to rank up standing only (no inventory or bank open, and not in combat) and it did work.

    Not sure what happened with the first 3 rank up attempts.

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