Der Schwarze Lotus wants you


    "Hey you! Yes, you."
    THE BLACK LOTUS is looking for players.
    Our city LOTUS GARDEN is on TERRA and currently lvl 12.
    We are a community of German and English-speaking members.
    However, there is no obligation to speak English or German.
    If you're looking for a guild where there are no obligations and where you don't have to hand in gold, then you've come to the right place.
    We are a group of people who have a job and only see the game as relaxation and as a balance to their working day.
    You can go on adventures with other guild members at any time. There is always a group.
    We have been working together for years and now want to expand our community.
    You just have to stick to the following rules:
    No stealing from guild members or town property.
    Willingness to help if you have the time. (We all have real lives)
    No insults or foul behavior.
    If this has aroused your interest and you are exactly the type of person who would fit into this community, then get in touch with us in the Discord or in-game.

    See you soon in our little world.

    Chairon (Guildmaster)

  • @Chairon I don't believe you


    You don't have to believe, you could try 😉


    Our city has now reached the maximum level and all buildings have been erected.
    Lotusgarten is the city with the busiest harbor and the marketplace is flourishing as it should.
    We are the closest city to the portal that has its own harbor, so hundreds of people travel through our area every day.
    We buy a variety of goods for the city and thus liven up the market in the Lotus Garden even more.
    If you are interested in becoming a part of us, just contact us in the Discord

    Best regards
    Chairon (Guild Master)

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