Knowledge Extract Availability

  • TLDR: I think the Knowledge extract should be natively available on both worlds because the brand new Proficiency imbues all require the Knowledge aspect. I'd suggest removing Knowledge from Azurite and adding it to Sulphurite because that has the least amount of changes needed to maintain the balance of all other systems.

    The current extract system is set up so that every aspect has two different sets of crystals/oils that can be used to make an extract. The current distribution of crystals between Syndesia and Arboreus make Chaos, Air, and Knowledge exclusive to Syndesia and Transform exclusive to Arboreus.

    I like that materials are exclusive to either world, but I do like seeing some sort of balance between how many or how important exclusive materials are between the worlds. Currently, every single Proficiency imbue requires materials exclusive to Syndesia and none require materials exclusive to Arboreus. Based on how the Proficiency imbue requirements are balanced between needing a wide range of Aspects, I don't think changing the Aspect requirements make sense.

    Making Knowledge available on both worlds would result in all but 6, of 22 current, Extracts natively available on both worlds. That still allows some exclusivity without one world absolute control over such an important/widely used resource.

    In terms of world exclusivity, making my suggested change would also: have no overall exclusivity change to smelting, hides, tanning, and weaving. The Scholar set would go from requiring materials from both worlds, to only requiring materials from Arboreus. The Hunter set would lose it's requirement for Syndesia materials (it has no requirements for Arboreus materials).

    FYI, the current balance of material exclusivity has Syndesia with probably 60 to 70% of the exclusive materials. (Outside of reagents, because it's too much of a pain for me to manually do all of that and certain tools are not accurate to the current game).

  • I totally agree. Extracts are so baseline, that they should be available with the ressources on all worlds. Please fix it!

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