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  • Hey guys! I am Kables, I am a new member of the community with decent in-game experience of over 40hrs. Me and a few random people I have met are looking to help new players from things we have learned.

    Gathering Corp is looking for new players and experienced players alike. We have large gold reserves and are willing to help players in crucial situations, as well as give free horses to all new members if one is needed.

    A horse is super useful for travel, gathering, and farming and is a must have.

    We reside on Myr, within the town of Broken Hills.

    Our Mid-term goal is to build out a city with friends and guild mates PRE-LAUNCH so we can have a great understanding of the game and take full advantage at launch.

    Our long-term goal is to lock down a resource and be the largest producer across all planets and any OTHER cities or players who need large quantities of specific items can order shipments.

    Want to come learn/experience the game from the ground up? Build a city, a house, crafting, and of course GATHERING?

    Join Gathering Corp today, https://discord.gg/zjscMkzZ

    Thanks all of you awesome people for the read and hope to see you in the fields 😉

  • Updated Discord info: https://discord.gg/gatheringcorp


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