Minor bug report

  • Low priority bugs/observations. All happened in and around West Anglia. Overall this is an awesome beta! Looking forward to it watching it evolve!
    • Add a tooltip with quick key for Main menu items (Character, Inventory, Crafting etc….)
    • “Loot all” quick key or icon
    • A way of bookmarking favorites in crafting window.
    • In skills and abilities- when naming a new Preset the cursor focus is missing in the “New Preset” field
    • Sparkle on animals which still have loot would be nice.
    • Be able to mark on map- waypoints or custom points of interest
    • No hammer sound when mining stone
    • Hardwood to have a different icon than lightwood
    • On imbuing table be able to right click on item to move to inventory
    • When crafting primitive bow, quality reflect “poor” in both the crafting window and the created bow regardless of book of knowledge mastery level.
    • Is the wagon designed to only carry wood, stone, coal? As a merchant it would be beneficial to place inventory items (such as stone, reagents etc….) other than those in the wagon to take to various markets.
    • In marketplace when searching other cities continue to have “This City” as the top list item but have the remainder of cities in the list in alphabetical order.
    • Tool tip for reagents vs imbuing table is incorrect for one example:
    o Arnica – tool tip has:
     transform-1
     water-2
     order-1
    o but imbuing table has:
     soul-1
     transform-1
     negate-2

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