Does anyone know of a good healer build?


    hello good day I would like to know if someone can build a guide for a healer and what stats would be better? I would appreciate

  • My experience:
    Max INT and CHA for mana and mana regen.
    The rest of your points are up to you. DEX provides evasion but you shouldn't be in the thick of things and getting hit often. What I see healers die to the most is not getting mobbed but that stray arrow or rogue goblin sneaking up and poisoning the healer. So I would probably try and balance out CON and STR for the hp and hp regen.
    Talents are really up to you but focus into the INT tree first for mana regen and the bonus INT. The cantrip talents are also nice. Every bit of Intelligence gives mana and mana regen. Then I would probably spec into whatever you put your extra points into. Dex? Then put points into evasion and try to raise your chance to dodge. CON? STR? go for more defenses.

    Skills are no brainer. But I would probably take mana drain somewhere in the build because you will be casting and healing more than your mana can keep up. With the high CHA, you could take some leadership skills like Inspire. I like having that and Empower on the healer build as support skills. But there really is no limit to what you can do as long as you balance the mana consumption.

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