Enchantments failing + terrain issues

  • Hi

    A Biggie that I saw and im not sure if it's currently being worked on -
    Enchanting my casting rod to reduce mana spell cost just does not work.
    At one point I Had 2100 mana, used a spell that takes 500 and there was 1600 mana left.
    When I press C it definitely does say that I have x% mana spend reduction but it does not actually affect the game.

    Another thing I encountered as a shaman casting fireball https://fractured.fandom.com/wiki/Fireball
    is a pain. The spell takes a lot of mana, does damage that isn't all that much - obviously adds warm stacks which is why it costs so much however it's AOE range is poor AND.. This and many other projectile spells are very tricky.
    Terrain everywhere seems to be blocking or swallowing up my projectile spells all the day. Sometimes its really hard to tell if my spell will hit - lets say someone is on a tiny hill if I hit the projectile under his feet he won't take damage, it's like he is like 2 meters above when in reality he is pretty much on fire (or so the animation shows - but no damage taken) - I think this should be definitely looked in to as in a long term it might be a big disadvantage for mages if people abuse it too much.

    another thing playing as mage

    I seem to be able to teleport through any terrain increase using the dash ability that has a purple arrow and 3 stacks(sorry cant remember name and Im not home!)

    Another biggie - a lot of items (Crystalized Magic, Remedy, Bandages) from chests SOMETIMES loot in bulks of 100+. I'm totally not sure if this is part of the game because it sounds a bit extreme and unfair on other classes. I mean I love it as it's for crafting mages Armor but if this does not apply for other classes armours I really feel like they're at disadvantage.

    And finally my map on my other PC seems to be completely blue, has no terrain just towns, icons - not sure if this is common

    kind thanks - will update if I find more

  • @@@NOTE

    To be specific and help devs I decided to add thorough detail to the bug

    The problem with mana spell cost reduction enchantment occurred on a T1 basic staff. It was done on a enchanting table in my property that i built in FarFarAway town in MYR.


    Another thing is monsters tend to pick and choose which walls they run through and which they run around. That goes for every mob in the game as far as im concerned.
    As well as Re-locate - I can jump through some ruins and terrains and on other occasions it says target is out of range/not visible or so.

    This is the bugged map below
    ![alt text]https://i.ibb.co/gVdYhF9/map.png(image url)

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