Crafting Commoner boots with 2/4 - and one stat seems to be "wrong"

  • Maybe I am wrong, but it seems, that when you reach 2/4 in crafting "Common Clothes" and you create new f.e. boots, then one stat seems to be "wrong". (Master of crafting Common Clothes is "good").

    "Durability" of this boots: 400/300 (137%). Should it be that way? - The boots are of "normal" quality, because the city doesn't have a Tailor bench that allows to create things of quality "good". Only normal.

  • .. aaand, there is a bit of "misunderstanding" in the description of the "Tailer Bench" - just under the "Craft"-button:

    it says:
    "As your crafting mastery for this item is Good and the city mastery is Normal, this item will becrafted of Good quality".

    Which is wrong.

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