rewritten song text

  • Rewritten: Freddy Mercury -Barcelona-

    Prometheus had this perfect dream
    This dream was me and you
    He want all the gamers to see
    a sandbox sensation
    His work and inspiration
    Now his dream is slowly coming true

    The Alpha was a gentle breeze
    The Beta is ringing out
    Council of Elysium , calling us together
    please guide us forever
    Wish the game would never go away

    Dynamight - This was the first time that we met
    Dynamight - How can I ever forget
    The moment we stample across your MMO, you took our breath away

    Gamingo - don't let this game fall
    Gamingo - let's meet us ingame all
    And if Devs willing, we soon meet again, everyday

    Let the Beta begin
    Let the backers play

    Make the creators sing
    Start the celebration
    and cry!
    come alive!
    And shake the foundations from the skies
    Shaking all our lives

    Arboreus - such a beautiful horizon
    Tartaros - a look in the sun

    If Gamingo is willing
    If Prometheus is willing
    If the council is willing

    Fractured online until the end....

    Please feel free to tell me your idea's to make this much better. You are free to adjust, correct, add, etc. Since this is a duett, the second part in another language would be great. Can't say i trust google translater :). Feel free to repost your version or another song text 🙂

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