Unarmed bugged


    I know some of those were already told or written, as a new member of community I cant be updated so quick, so here what I found.

    Death Mark - Not sure if bugged only in unarmed. In PvE it kinds of work (I noticed higher hit rate due to accuracy increase, same increase in dmg - in some areas its not really noticeable due to high resistances and increase only works on physical dmg - thats probably intended). In PvP tho, I didnt noticed any increase in dmg. Not sure about accuracy.

    Stealth - Shadow dance (stance) - It works, but I am not sure if its ok to be capped at 150 stealth. Ghost skin armor gives +20% (which actually gives +20 points). From talents its around 120 another points. Not even counting enchanting + double bonus from dexterity. As it caps at 150, the raw dmg from it is max 37... Which could be great with really great attack speed, but as unarmed being not enough fast, I feel like doing nearly to none dmg. With 17 INT and chilling touch, all points in unarmed combat (4 + bash), 10% critical chance, shadow dance.... It feels like some medium capable build. If I would go paralyzing touch instead, its better in some terms, but doing around 50 dmg per hit is really nothing, compared to naked use of shortbow with acid arrows for example. Or compared the mana use (40/s), and you can make much better use of any other skill (relentless strike maybe, not tested, but its free stance at least)

    Stealth - shadow step - really working only as a teleport. I am doing with it around 17 dmg even if it should be criticall from stealth. Thats really nothing, if I should be doing before resistances 17*3 (51 dmg from chilling strike), 37 steralth dmg, +-60 physical dmg... And I do just 15-20. Not even worthy the points.

    Movement speed - with 22 DEX I have +12% mvmnt spd... it sometimes, not able to replicate when, get dropped to 5%, or 7%, even 8%... On foot, not on the road. I cant really say its bug or just visual error in character sheet. Cant see difference between 7% and 12% really.

    Acid arrows - probably I will make someone angry, but I really feel how OP it is. WIth just basic bow and primitive arrows, you can easilly kite nearly anything down, in no time, nearly no effort and without serious risk. (I was returning home with just 10% hp, because I knew when I had 20%hp, I still can make one small mistake).

    Accuracy vs Evasion - basically, I dont get it... Feels weird for me. With close to 1000 evasion, I feel like getting hit pretty often by low accuracy mobs. I would say around 1/3 will hit me from +-200 accuracy. And about 1/2 of spider spells resisted. Again, like wasting points, knowing if I get hit by stun, I am dead in 3 hits to my cloth armor unarmed char equipped with shield. Why dont just use heavy armor with acid arrows.

    SOlution to this all ?
    Acid arrows - make it mana consuming per shot, and/or dont really allow heavy armor (or longbow). I was running naked (scholar armor) and it was all easy to me. Piercing shots or ricochet ones were just addition to my quick kills.
    Stealth skills - it feels like it can be viable to some kind of stelth mages, but I dont see any good stealth rogues reliabling on this skills, there are much more usefull skills then those.
    Melee in light armor - I honestly believe they deserve little buff. There may be good skills like assasinate or something (get wrecked by goblin assassins few times by hits around 900dmg), but thats all it looks. As my unarmed monk cant really rely on those skills, I just needed to swap to my weak shortbow often, to just kill that boring mountain troll.
    Unarmed - really need buff... 17 intelingce not worthy dmg it does from elemental touch, not mentioning 0,25 ministun, really pointless. Thanks to shadow stance I was able to do some dmg, but not comparable to others. If I would go full crit, and shadow stance or elemental touch could crit too, I would at least state it as fun build to play. Now its boring, weak, and hella of a time consuming (yeah, I can beat crawling horror spider by fists... in few mins, hoping my evasion will work and I dont get instakilled under 30% HP by power word kill).

    Firstly, I though about good unarmed monk build... So in PvP I wont be losing so much. Reality ? I need to keep 2 pointless skills for me in case swapping weapon (shortbow and acid arros), wearing shield so I can use Shield block often, wearing ghost skin fully t2 enchanted with evasion and will power, swapping between elemental and paralyzing touches, having triggered shadow stance, shield block, frenzy, death mark on target.... after all that, and spend around 30 talent points in total must have talents, I feel like I can do as good as when I created char for first time. If you dont believe me, try to fight dire wolf for example.

    In case of PvP, first 10 sec were good for me... Not getting hit, and I already took around 5% of enemy hps. Oh, he starts to use skills ?! Ok, 3 hits and I was down. With my dmg around 70-80 per hit, I could barelly get through his hp/s regen. I am not able to catch anyone. And not using shield, I believe I would be down by just him looking at me. (get block twice, then stun, then death).

    If crit actually worked on shadow stance and touch dmg, or if paralyzing strike takes at least 0,5 stun, I believe if we were at least 4 there, we could have a chance.
    Like now ? He could solo kill 5 of same chars at once, even if this is supposed to be anti-melee build.
    And now hurray to try some new amazing and fun build, for example some heavy armor CHA build. Hopefully I wont end up with acid arrows again 🙂

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