Luck: Relationship to Damage Ranges and Crit Chance

  • I saw in the thread on the mage nerfs that Prometheus has drawn a connection between luck and the +/- 25% damage ranges attached to the revised spells.

    I have tested this (using my friend Firebolt) and have found no difference between high and low luck characters. The spell damage averages are substantially the same.

    Also having difficulty confirming any connection between crit chance and luck - though this requires a very big sample.

    Has anyone been able to confirm these relationships following the changes?

    I think my lucky character rolls more fortitude/willpower/evasion save throws than my unlucky character - but I have no figures for this. Other than this and drop rates (which I've seen people mention but I haven't tested), I'm struggling to find substantive benefits from luck. The damage uplift from high Perception is solid and measurable. If there is a damage uplift from high Charisma, it must be quite modest.

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