Phantom Carts are generated after depositing Sacks


    My guildmate and I found an issue with depositing Sacks into the Town Hall's Table. Steps to reproduce:

    1. Load at least one sack (We used both cereal and meat sacks as a test)
    2. Take horse cart into the town hall and use the governor's table to deposit at least 1 or more sacks
    3. Either by dismounting or using Hotbar1 to release cart, the person who deposited the cart has the game looking normal. the guildmate who was watching the deposit now will see a "phantom" cart being pulled by that person. If they dismount from the horse, they pull the horse cart like they are pulling a hand cart, but the cart doesn't actually exist. If you release from the cart, you appear to continue to hold onto the cart and keep running with it.

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