Soletrar "Míssil Mágico" Bugg


    Problems with the "Magic Missile" spell.
    It starts the animation but doesn't do the spell. There is no missile just empty animation. It also doesn’t damage when this bug happens.

    NOTE: This bug was present in the previous alpha. I don't remember if I had already reported it. its happens some times


    yeah have it serveral times too.

    seems some times that the server dont catch the skill and so he goes empty. You can cast it again.

    and also sometimes the skill makes dmg with no animation but the cooldown dont count in the skillbar.


    yes, this also happens.
    The worst thing is when it does not do the skill and we are in PVP ... in this case we die unjustly.
    Or when we’re killing a very strong monster and we can’t miss the combo. I already happened to die to a sword skeleton because it gave this bug. ;(

  • Had this happen many times. Does not seem to be linked to anything in particular.

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