[NA] Stormborn | PVX | Semi-Hardcore | Competitive | Fun Active Community | 18+


    Guild Leader: Kumary
    Officers: Cidious, Hypothermix, and TecguyV4

    ◈Discord: https://discord.gg/stormborn
    ◈Website: https://stormborngaming.net/recruitment

    ◈Games: Ashes of Creation, Fractured MMO, New World and MORE!

    Stormborn is a welcoming and active community that consists of a diverse group of helpful gamers that make it a breeze for you to fit right in and start to chat, group up and chill in and out of games. We all share a similar mindset of wanting to build a fun and friendly community, while excelling in our games.

    ➤ Although Ashes of Creation is one of our main focus, we also play a variety of other games in order to explore old and new gaming adventures. We are thrilled to be recruiting more members as we grow and progress together in future MMOs


    ◈ A Truly Active Discord Community
    ◈ A Chill and Drama Free Environment
    ◈ Structure, Organization and Teamwork
    ◈ Monthly Newsletters with Member Highlights
    ◈ Movie Nights, Game Nights and Giveaways
    ◈ And More!


    ◈ Players who know how to have fun, yet be respectful of others
    ◈ Players who know how to be efficient with their available game time
    ◈ Players who are dedicated, competitive and skilled, striving to learn and improve themselves
    ◈ Players who enjoy PvP, PvE and/or Crafting content
    ◈ Players who are active and comfortable with interacting on text chat and voice chat (Discord)
    ◈ Players who like being part of a community - Socializing with and contributing to your own guild is a major aspect in any game


    ◈Must be 18+ Years Old
    ◈Must Speak and Understand English
    ◈Must Have Working Microphone
    ◈Must Maintain Activity


    Very fun group, enjoy the game nights!


    This is our Discord Link some reason I can't change the post!

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