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    Asura Division is a community with passionate gamers who synergize towards the common goal of having fun while dominating.
    We value transparency and sharing information while always striving to improve, leading us to continuously achieve impressive feats and constantly compete in various online games.

    Our community is flexible, welcoming a variety of playstyles (from hardcore to super casual) and personal goals because we know and respect that each individual is different.

    We've created our own website (https://www.asura-division.com/) where you will have access to different tools, guides, and reviews that will help you to improve at a faster pace. They are made with the idea to help you and the community as much as possible.

    Every minute you spend with us will not be in vain. This is the reason behind the creation of our unique hierarchy system (which we call Asu). The higher you go in the ranks the higher the rewards you will get monthly.
    We will try to merge this system with Fractured also in order for everything to be fair and well deserved.

    With us, you will have a bigger goal and a place where you can belong to. 🌠

    Our community has a long history in most of the MMORPG games. In each gabolded textme, we always made it to the top position in the Guild/Clan/Legion ranking and we do it in a smart way without putting a burden on our members.
    Fun was and will always be our top priority

    Our goal here will be to experience the Fractured adventure and to enjoy the process as much as possible. We will make our Guild at the top of the ranking and we will build strong alliances with the ones worthy.
    Family and loyalty will be our top values. We will grow, protect and have fun together.

    We have our own discord where we will bring most of our communication. There we will try to help our members as much as possible.
    We also plan to stream and popularize the game and our community.

    You can join our Guild from the Fractured link or from our discord.
    Everyone who shares our values is welcome to join us. 🍩 πŸ™‡ 🐺

  • Asura Division is a community you can join if you want nice and consistent people to play your games with. I've been a part of it for almost 2 years now and I'm glad I had the opportunity to join and get to know the people inside. Join and let us have a chat. 🀠

  • Asura Division is friendliest community, really nice place to enjoy playing games and socialize with other players,it is always fun in here ,monthly rewards ,assists,guides,gaming experience,competitions between us, events,newest trends , information and e veryday is funπŸ˜„. Join us and lets play together!

  • When work is a fun game and gaming is hard work, Asura Division brings the fun back to you!

  • Asura Division is one of those places, which once you join, you never want to leave. The support, the activities, the giveaways, the laughs, and the fun we all have are only a small part of what Asura Division is. From hardcode to casual gamers, from MMORPG lovers to chess players, from competitive people to people, who want to have fun and chill after a hard day; in Asura, you will find it all, in Asure you will find a home.


    The best advertisement we had since ever 🐺 That is what I call a support πŸ˜†

  • Asura is a friendly bunch of colorful people and u won't make a mistake by joining πŸ™‚

  • Gaming has become more interesting and fun when you join Asura Division. This is what you want and this is what all you need, everything else is a bonus.


    Great community, welcoming and fun, and great people to be around.
    You can tell how good a community is by the effort of the members, asura is being led by some great guys, and they did a very good job of growing that community.
    Do join if you have the chance and I'm positive you won't regret it! πŸ™‚


    This post is deleted!


    You can join our Guild from the Fractured link or from our discord.


    Awesome community, glad to be part of it. πŸ‘

  • Great community, very cool and friendly hard to see nowadays.. Wait no longer, join us, to become stronger! πŸ’ͺ😜

  • Very friendly community! I strongly recommend it.




    que triste que sea en inglΓ©s =(


    MeruemVBP why you've decided to talk on Spanish out of nowhere πŸ˜† ?

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