Glim’s Mercenaries! Beastmen mercenary guild!


    We at Glim’s Mercenaries have been around since the beginning and are a well known and respected guild. (The largest mercenary guild as well!)

    Recently, we have been a bit quiet, but we are back!

    At Glim’s Mercenaries you can expect a fun, helpful, friendly community that allows you to take part in PvE, PvP, role play and just take part in being one of the family.

    Glim’s Mercenaries aims to be a reliable mercenary band in Fractured, bringing many services to paying customers.

    If this sounds like the type of guild that interests you, feel free to send an invitation request for the guild!
    There is a link down below to my profile and the guilds.

    Stay safe!
    -Glimheim Barrows.

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