New Clan - Order of the Crows

  • Hey all.

    I'm in the beginning stages of creating a new guild and looking for others that are of the same mindset and,
    would like to follow a similar path into not only the world of Fracture, but more specifically it's seedy Underbelly.

    The main goal of this Clan, and I call this clan to simulate the tribal clans of yore, is to create a group of close-knit,
    like-minded group of individuals who want to play this game (and others) as it is, a sandbox,
    while also making a story and name for ourselves, creating our own content to give us purpose in this new world.

    Our Mission:
    We seek to maintain the balance of the World.
    If there is a great evil that threatens the world, we shall fight against it.
    If the forces of good overwhelm the land, then we shall war against them.
    There can be no enjoyable experience within this world without conflict.
    We maintain that balance.

    In short, during times of peace we will use subterfuge, sabotage, assassination etc. to cause war between unsuspecting guilds.
    While also conducting typical jobs that is required in the game like gathering, crafting etc.

    During times of war and chaos we will reap the fruits of our labors by conducting smuggling, capitalizing on trade
    demands for the war, robbing guilds caravans, etc. Our war spoils won't just be for us though, it will be used to line the
    coffers of the guild bank and bring prosperity to our own city and citizens, in a Robin Hoodesque way.

    If any of this interests you hit me up on the forums and we can begin our preparations in our new World!

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