[US] Axiom



    [AX] ᗩ᙭IOᗰ
    US based, PvP + PvE + Roleplay, Human [18+ with exceptions]


    As ᗩ᙭IOᗰ, we are a human guild that will fulfill all your needs. Our guild is full of a diversity. We are much more than just a MMORPG guild, we are a community, but when it comes to MMORPGS we are very serious and dedicated. We love to game and we look to be apart of every games community. We chose Human because we want our community to chose as it pleases. If you like PVP sounds great! We have a great PVP crew! If you're more into gathering and roleplaying we have places for that, as well! Above all come join us and become a part of our community. We have movie nights, game nights, and we care about your gaming experience. Fractured is another big step into the MMORPG community and we are very excited for this game! We will do everything in our ability to succeed in Fractured!


    1. Treat all people with dignity, including fellow members and in-game enemies. This means no excessive flaming, doxxing, hate speech, or posting illegal or malicious content. This includes all mediums such as links, uploads, pics, memes, voice and text communications, etc.. Uphold the Discord ToS.

    2. Do not hack, exploit, dupe, or RMT while representing Axiom. We expect our members to follow the ToS for any game we are playing together.

    3. No inflammatory language or content around religion, politics, NSFW or other sensitive topics. This includes memes and user profile pictures.

    4. Utilize #streams_and_videos exclusively for posting when you're live streaming or for sharing video or other media. Do not promote anything for sale, including via crowd funding.

    5. Do not spam text channels with messages or pings of any kind. Keep text conversations in their appropriate channels as much as possible.

    6. Do not poach members for other gaming communities, or in-game guilds/clans outside of Axiom. Exceptions to this rule can be made with consent from leadership.

    7. Alternate accounts are not permitted in the server.

    8. If you think you'll be away from gaming for a period of time, please let a community leader know. Members are periodically removed for inactivity.

    9. We strive to keep our community drama-free. If you have an issue with another member, attempt to resolve it personally with them first. If problems persist let a community leader know. Instigating drama within our community and externally with other communities can be grounds for removal from Axiom. All disciplinary actions and membership statuses are ultimately subject to discretion of Community Leaders.

    If you apply, tell them that GΛMMΛ invited you so they know how you found out about Axiom and what game you are from! 🙂

    Website: https://joinaxiom.com/
    Discord: https://discord.gg/axiom

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