Join the Degenerates Today! DGEN are humans with questionable ethics


    Hey guys looking for age 18+ players who can play at US EST times on the Human Faction.

    We will be pushing the envelope on what the game will allow us to get away with in terms of player behavior.

    Must have and be able to use Discord voice chat for all guild activities.

    We will not treat all other guilds as KOS (kill on sight), but will be building alliances and rivalries with other guilds on the server based on our interactions with them.

    Expect a high level organized guild where we will have members scattered across the entire continent scouting and doing independent group activities.

    We expect one thing from our members: Unwavering Loyalty

    Such members will be greatly rewarded for their loyalty.

    Message me to join. Tell me what mmo's you have played in the past and if you prefer to be doing mostly PvP tasks for our guild or PvE related tasks for us as we will be needing both kinds of players.

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