Bugs and suggestions


    1- When leaving the initial city above there is an invisible wall on the road. This invisible wall bug continues to happen.

    2- I didn't immediately mention the bug so there would be no people taking advantage of it. This bug is related to the enchantment of the shield. If I have an enchanted shield it will take effect even though I am using a heavy two-handed sword

    3- When the player has a red name and uses a totem or some other skills, he takes damage from them ... For example, if I have a red name (bad player) and put a fire totem on the floor during pvp, the totem focuses on me and not my opponent.

    4- It is not a bug ... There are metal arrowheads but there is no way to join the arrow with the cable. So the metal arrows cannot be used.

    1- I will suggest again that you create a key to activate the interaction with the map. It would be perfect when you want to interact with the map to keep the SHIFT pressed. This will help a lot in pvp.
    Several times during pvp and I was unable to press the skill or normal atack on targets because it opened the tree menu.

    2- A button to catch the whole loot of the body.

    3- Party members appear on the world map

    4- party members appear with HP on the left side of the window [with the option to be able to minimize (arrow to the side)].

    5- The players we are attacking will appear on the mini map (a red dot, identical to the party members) or something similar to Albion. As if it were the field of vision of the character who can see ahead.

    6- The icons of the enchanted items and the special weapons (gold / silver / copper / etc) should have different colors to be distinguished from the normal ones.

    Good job

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