First Impressions

  • These are my impressions after getting to play two relatively short sessions. I did a lot of harvesting and exploring. I tamed a horse. I fought some monsters. I did a little bit of crafting. This is running really well on my laptop so far.

    Graphics and UI
    Graphics are looking great. I am not normally a gamer that plays isometric view style games, but I was intrigued with the graphics and the premise of the game. I have enjoyed all the different flora and scenery so far. The water is also looking really good. The UI was simple but I liked that. I would like to see tooltips on stats on the character sheet in the future so I can understand better what each stat influences for my character without having to go somewhere else to look it up. I like the talent tree and I am looking forward to seeing what more of the options are that are not in the game yet and how they will influence my character. I would have liked to see WASD for movement instead of click but I know that seems to be a normal feature of the isometric style games. I also would feel better with the hot keys being 123456, etc. I don't know what you are planning for user customization of the UI but hopefully we will have the ability to assign keys to fit more of what we are used to. Overall though, this feels decent for an Alpha version of both graphics and UI.

    The running animation for the character right now reminds me of me trying to run and that isn't pretty. It needs to be more upright or something. Since this is Alpha, I will assume that is being worked on with final polish later. The horse animation isn't bad. It reminds me of realistic horse movement (at least as much as it can at the downward angle). The monster animations didn't bother me so they did not stick out as strange or bad.

    Harvesting and Crafting
    These areas are both enjoyable so far. I am someone who has to stop for every harvestable plant so it was rough with only stacks of 10 for an item. I would suggest upping that stack size unless there is a reason to keep it small. It took a really long time to get back to a town, even with a horse, so I found most of my time was running back and forth with full inventory and I felt like I didn't accomplish a lot in my play sessions. I did find the variety of things to harvest was great though! I like the tooltips for the items and found them very informative.

    Crafting was good as well. Some of it I had trouble figuring out what menu or tab to look at in the beginning or what type of station I needed to be at. Hopefully that will be more clear once you get closer to release. Once I got the hang of how things were laid out, it helped.

    Combat and Skill Trees
    These I haven't messed with enough to comment too much yet. I do love that you have to go out and kill certain monsters to find new skills. I think that is a really great feature! More to come when I get more time to mess with both of these areas.

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