Quick initial impression and feedback, going into the game blind


    I (deliberately) didn't read up on the game at all, before trying.

    I didn't even know it was click to move. I had seen a few minutes of gameplay on Jahlon's stream, but I wasn't paying attention to the details, so all I really knew was the top-down isometric look, and the general description of the game sounded interesting.

    First off, I enjoy the game. Definitely potential here. I've played MMOs since 1999, and this gives me some old school vibes for sure. 🙂

    Pathing seems clunky and choppy, with too much clicking on trees, but I can see many others have commented on that.

    The early tutorial didn't really explain how to progress in the game. No levels is fine, but it wasn't clear to me at the time that unlocking creature knowledge is what gave me that magic missile skill, for example. So it would be nice to have that more clearly spelled out in the tutorial
    Same goes for crafting to some extent. It's not obvious at all how you become able to craft better gear. The basics are easy enough to grasp, but the progression part was a bit of a mystery, and the UI didn't really provide clear hints. I didn't know enchanting was a thing either.

    I am at the part of the tutorial where I have to go explore three different places. I don't know if there's more after that, because I killed some goblins until I had 500 gold, joined a guild, a town and built a small house. I'll go back out exploring and gather more materials I am not really sure what are used for, other than "enchanting and crafting".


    its hard to understand some stuff since nothing is explained. I learned most of it by asking in global. There are question marks on the mark. Those can be cities (unclaimed or claimed), city resource nodes and fertile grounds or combat hotspots. The latest have monsters, that you should visit, since they will give you knowledge points and unlock new skills for you. Crafting better gear from what i discovered can be done on particular buildings in player owned cities. Some of them require resources that need refining and need time to get refined. Asking around is the easiest way to get answers to what you are looking for.

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