Some suggestions, so far.


    -Mobs should be highlighted for easier looting when dead, or some way to mass loot with hotkey.
    -Charcoal pile should have some indication it is working/duration left.
    -Charcoal pile should be removable or refillable.
    -Building blueprints should indicate what building it is when hovering over with mouse after it is placed. ex. [(Townhall) (Inn) (2x2 House)]
    -Pathing issues on major roads ex. (SW of starting city, giant 'something' blocking the road)
    -On forge/crafting benches would be nice for arrow to be a bit more noticeable to select other metals/materials. Either that or include it in the tutorial for clarification.
    -See who the owners are for wagons by mousing over it. Sharable carts/permissions.
    -Change durability on armor and wpns for melee classes, way too low for the time it takes to make. ex. (Currently can go through a set of copper/bronze/leather in one day of farming mobs)
    -Make hitboxes on trees a lot smaller. They interfere with combat a lot, annoyingly so.
    -Add PVE talents: crafting speed, wagon movement speed, mount speed, collecting speed (wood, plants), mining nodes/trees/plants highlighted on mini-map etc.
    -A death marker showing where you died.

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