Zombies and skeletons audio glitch, unrelated game crashes

  • Was exploring vale of shadows... all zombies and skeletons had the same sound effect when discovering the player and dying as if they were spiderlings.

    Also experienced several game crashes during testing, most of which occurred during navigation of any menu or interacting with objects. Some crashes experienced in combat with high mob density. I experienced no crashes during traveling on foot, not sure about horses because 4 hours in still haven't seen one.

    Also not sure but just having a campfire in audio range or on screen seems to increase likelihood of a crash. But as I said the vast majority of crashes I experienced was inside of a menu, happening much more frequently from other tests. I crashed about 7-9 times.


    I'd like to add to this.

    Around the skel/zombies area, North of Southern Hills.

    -Unable to mount my horse, the bar would go all the way up, but no horse. Only time I could successfully get back on the horse was when I waited like 25 seconds after engaging in combat (no, I was not under any 'spells').

    -Mentioned before, but Mobs (in general, spiders/skel/zombies all types) in this area just kind of sit there. They may eventually group up and attack, but it is slow and really does do any damage. Soon as you get in and around the Whispering Woods, it seems to be better functioning.

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