Bugs I found (will try and update daily)


    11/6/2020 (2.4.0h)

    1. If a monster doesn't move for a couple of seconds, there's a chance that they won't ever be able to move and their attacks and abilities won't be able to damage you. Some abilities will break this "stun".

    2. Net trap ability causing the same issue as #1. However, the monster will be able to cast and damage you with abilities.

    3. Infinitely scaling endurance and mana regen if you constantly equip and de-equip gear with either endurance or mana regen.

    4. Some ruins that are able to be mined drop stone that clip through the terrain and cannot be picked up.

    5. Copper weapons breaking faster than primitive ones (from what I've seen)

    6. Giant Spider's "Cobweb" ability trapping you when visually, you are outside of the web. This also occurs with Goblins' "Net trap" ability

    7. Bug #6 also occurs with Sea troll's "Static discharge", and Mountain Troll's "Tectonic Outburst", except, rather than rooting you, damages you.

    8. "Relentless" in the Strength talent tree does not appear to work if used with ability "Relentless Style"

    9. Permanent "Death Mark" that occurs when you happen to be downed just as it's casted on you. Dying will not remove effect. Only way to remove effect is to relog.

    10. Logs in storage not appearing in Woodworking bench, relogging fixes this

    11. If an item is being smelted, tanned, or anything similar, there are times when the timer goes by 1 minute intervals rather than hours

    12. This sometimes happens, but if a monster is damaged and no player is nearby nor is it aggroed to anything, you lose the right to loot the corpse if you kill it.

    13. Public chests aren't actually public

    14. You can get hit by multiple ice spikes from the "Ice Spikes" ability. Not sure if this is intended.

    15. Warg not dropping Warg skin, rather, the Goblin Cheftain drops it

    16. Rarely occurs, but sometimes, monsters can be infinitely aggroed to you if you are knocked out and spawn at the last city or home.


    11/7/2020 (2.4.0h)

    1. Infinite monster protection from the "knock out" can occur if you constantly cancel your mount call and mount just as the protection ends. I cannot seem to replicate this consistently. Video on what the bug does is here

      Relogging also fixes this.

    2. Very loud sound effects from spells casted from Spider Liches, Black Widows, and Crawling Horrors.

    3. Goblin Shadowdancers stay invisible for an indefinite amount of time without any visible effects if you go into combat with them. Only way to find them is have a DoT on them before they go invisible.

    4. Goblin Shadowdancers staying invisible without any visible effects to locate them. Only found out about this because shadowdancers were aggroed to me out of nowhere without notification or visible effects to show.

    5. Goblin Deathshamans casting an invisible poison totem sometimes.

    6. Advanced smelter rarely not taking charcoal as fuel. Gives error that there's enough fuel in the smelter when there's room for more.

    7. Goblin Shadowdancer's "Shadow Step" ability does not seem to work properly when casted against the player as no damage is done. Not sure if this is related to bug #1 from 11/6/2020.

    8. Goblin Shadowdancers stay invisible indefinitely if they were previously aggroed by another player. Visible effects are shown so they are easy to spot.

    9. Some goblins and wargs do not show a health bar if attacked in Shadow of Vale. This occurs commonly around the wooden gate area. Not sure if this is a lag issue.

    10. Monsters spawning on top of city structures. Occurs often on a trading post building.

    11. Permanent silence from Black widow. Similar to bug #9 on 11/6/2020


    11/7/2020 (2.4.0h)

    1. Visual bug with all crafting tables where they would show the incorrect crafting materials required for crafting

    2. Some heavy weapons from blacksmith is considered "light"

    3. Plate armor pieces are considered "light", only the plate armor boots are considered "medium"

    4. If bug #1 in this specific reply post occurs, it shows that you are able to craft a primitive mace with ingots in the forge

    5. Rapier considered "light" when it's in "medium" weapons tab

    6. Wagon rarely getting stuck on unfinished blueprints

    7. Infinite yield on crop fields in cities (reported by other forum posts)

    8. Being able to walk through the wall behind the ore storage

    9. Down the pave road heading south then north from north starter down, there's an invisible wall you cannot walk through. You can go around it however.


    11/8/2020 (2.4.0h)

    1. Visual error with advanced smelter requiring less temperature than needed

    2. Sometimes, a small part of city ruins respawning inside buildings or blueprints occurs (I don't think they should respawn)
      img bug.png

    3. Game crashes to desktop if you lose connection completely.


    11/8/2020 (2.4.0h)

    1. Warhammer being considered a "light" weapon is not a visual error, you can use "light" armor and weaponry abilities with it such as "assassinate" and "blinding strike". Not sure if this is also the case with the bugged heavy weapons that are considered "light"

    2. You cannot attack with heavy weapons if you are slowed by abilities such as Giant Spider's "Cobweb"

    3. Sometimes heavy weapon hits don't register

    4. Swapping weapons while moving will allow you to hold heavy weapons with one hand

    5. You cannot attack with heavy weapons if you are rooted. Even if the root ends, you still cannot attack, casting an ability breaks this.

    6. While slowed by "cobweb" ability, not only can you not attack with heavy weapons, but your movement is constantly canceling its animation


    11/9/2020 (2.4.0h)

    1. Sea and forest troll's Static discharge and acid breath respectively continue on when the monster dies.

    2. While under "shadow walk", you do not get bonus speed from paved road even though the bonus is visible on the top left


    11/9/2020 (2.4.0i)

    1. Crafting a recipe that requires a wooden handle or pole does not consume the pole or handle. (Not sure if this is consistent)

    2. Rapier in medium weapons tab as a light weapon

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