Horse Stats and Feedback


    I am pretty sure i found the correct stat range for str/dex/con. This is based on the video where the devs say the +/- is 3 and me actually finding these stats exist. The other 3 stats are overwhelmingly 5/11/8 but i guess they could be diffrent.

    Str 11-17
    Dex 9-15
    Con 13-19

    Str and Con increase hp and dex increases speed. I might see how much hp it increases by if i am bored later.

    Overall i feel like taming the horses is way too simple- cast net click 2 times repeat.

    I see a ton of people who feel finding horses is just too hard. I think if you were to increase the spawn rates for these people you should make 2 different types of spawns. One easy to find common spawn with a lower range of stats. One much like the current one where you have the full range of stats.

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