Character Deleted.


    So to clarify and put in as many details as possible

    I got killed just outside of a town by some guys. then I was given the option to spawn at home or to the nearest city? something along those lines.

    I spawned in the option on top. it spawned me next to a spider and spiderlings and I was half invisible. I thought it was a bug so I logged out then restarted game. I came back into being completely reset.

    was spawned in the main town with all tutorials reset, I wasn't in the guild, my bank inventory is gone, my character's points were reset, all skills gone, all of it I checked everything to see if there was a bug. I relogged 3 separate times and still hasnt worked. my guild says im still in the guild. I dont know what to do

    Devs help.


    UPDATE: character is still gone and the "character" I have is stuck here for about 2 hours now.


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