ReWorld Online - For those of you who were let down by Legends of Aria/Shards Online


    For those of you mourning the loss of community server support that you wanted from LoA I hit the jackpot via google search. They have confirmed being able to host your own world with thousands of players and mod support including your own mechanics. I know you guys may be let down by LoA but it is in our own best interest to try and support this project and guide it to the original vision of Shards that we wanted. Don't be put off by the cartoon graphics they do have darker stuff on their screenshot tab in Discord.

    ReWorld is a sandbox MMO where you can create your own world and share it with thousands of players.


    A moderator confirmed everything I've written here about custom worlds and assets. You will be able to also write your mods in multiple coding languages. That is the goal anyway

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