Anyone else here played Tibia and thinks Fractured looks alike?

  • This game has to be the most similar game i have yet found from Tibia.

    Any Tibians here?

  • @Viriatus Omg! I never thought I'd see tibia mentioned outside of tibia. Honestly, It's the only reason I picked a pack up. It gives me Tibia vibes with the addition of new systems. I'm interested to see how this pans out!

  • @Exalted Haha yeah bro! Whats the last tibia you played?

  • Ha, I started about 2 weeks ago after a 12 year hiatus. I saw a new world opened up (Ysolera) and decided to give the game another shot. I've actually been having a blast! I think the game def went in a better direction in a lot of ways.

  • Nice! I mainly play oldschool servers but im retired since a few months now been playing that game on and off since like forever haha. Have you played fractured yet ive seen many monsters and items who look almost the same as in Tibia, wolftooth necklace and giant spiders wolfs etc haha

  • Haven't played yet. Someone showed me this game a few months ago and then i forgot about it till he mentioned the next test was coming. Picked up a founder pack, Looks like we will be playing next week,

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